JS-815 Vertical rotary chiller

  • JS 815 Vertical rotary chiller
  • JS 815 Vertical rotary chiller


Production line series JS-815-L

Key Features

  • The machine adopts display interface , using PLC control and failure rate is low, the bottom of the machine using heavy wheel, easy to move.
  • All-directional frozen circulating air flow is adopted in the interior, and the transportation track is adopted by solid rotary transport, effective cooling length 4.5 meters, large improve the effect of freezing to achieve the effect of shoe freezing.
  • The drainage tank is designed for the rear inner box, which is easy to take and saves space.
  • Min temperature can reached five below zero.
  • Capacity is 90-150 pairs /hours.

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Technical Parameters

VoltageAC380V 50HZ