JS-305 360 degree UV machine

  • JS 305 360 degree UV machine
  • JS 305 360 degree UV machine

Key Features

  • An irradiation angle of the UV lamp fitting can be adjustable.
  • Concentrated UV totally with no exposure occurred.
  • The lamp fitting contains the quartz optical glass, which can do an effective heat-proof and reduce the temperature of the work pieces.
  • The tunnel type of a large reflective cover, the hangers inside of UV irradiate area are able to hanging with the work pieces to rotate automatically, in order to make the work pieces receive the energy level from surfacing a rotation axle.
  • A forced cooling system, high power heat dissipation fan, for a special radiation structure able to reduce the temperature inside of the UV oven chamber.
  • The temperature of work piece after UV irradiate is below 45℃ (for the temperature of work piece before UV irradiate is below 30℃).
  • This machine has three power output levels: low light level, middle light level, and strong light level.

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Technical Parameters

VoltageAC220V  50HZ
Lamps/Watts & numbers6kw X 2pcs
Effective irradiate widthW770mm