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  • JS-220-B1 Automatic de-lasting machine

JS-220-B1 Automatic de-lasting machine

  • JS 220 B1 Automatic de lasting machine
  • JS 220 B1 Automatic de lasting machine


Setting assisting series JS-220-B1

Key Features

  • The machine adopts the imported electric elements, this machine is developed for sports shoes, quick speed, easy operation, saving manpower, high output, easy operations for all men and women.
  • This machine is PLC automatic control, easy to operate, without putting shoes and taking action, automatic induction, no need pressing a switch or stepping the foot board to start the machine, and automatic induction time, Humanized design.
  • Adopt pneumatic power assisted, without motor, save electricity, and don’t need to add hydraulic oil, save costs.
  • The operating speed: the machine is operated double location slipping, can be improved three times for a station compared with traditional hydraulic, and can save a human.

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Technical Parameters

VoltageAC220V 50HZ